We Match!™ Bass & Treble Matching Shirts For Family Set

We Match! Clothing

$ 34.99 


Is the little one on your life the Treble to go with your Bass? Or is the man/woman in your life a huge music fan or musician and you know they can't wait to teach the little one to play? This Bass & Treble set is the perfect set for the musician or resident Beethoven and their new protege.

This set will get you a knowing smile from all those music lovers out there.

We know you sometimes need extra shirts for kids, so we have made it easy to add them! Just select above that you need additional shirts and choose how many you need. Please note that all the extra shirts are the child design of the set. If you need additional adult shirts or coordinating adult shirts for a set (ex. set brings a dad shirt and you also want the mom shirt) just check out the single pieces section of our site.

Information on sizing, fabrics, colors and more is available here: http://www.wematchclothing.com/pages/sizing-charts