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A little about our shirts.... All of our short sleeve t-shirts and bodysuits are made with fine jersey, ringspun cotton. These shirts feel smoother and softer than regular cotton shirts, and match each other perfectly in color. They have a very nice finish and are lighter in weight. We don't use shirts like Hanes Beefy T's which many people confuse with a higher quality t-shirt just because they are thick.

So, what is the difference between regular cotton and ringspun cotton?

Aside from cost (ringspun costs about twice as much), the process for creating the cotton is different. Regular cotton is made by twisting vegetable fibers together to make yarn which is then woven to make the material for the t-shirts. This results in a shirt that "feels" thicker, (although it isn't) and is less soft and durable. 

Ringspun cotton is made similarly, but involves twisting and thinning cotton strands into very fine and strong ropes of cotton fiber. Those ropes are then used to make the  t-shirt material. As a result, ringspun cotton shirts are more durable, last longer and feel softer and smoother than regular cotton shirts.

We chose the ringspun cotton for our matching sets for a variety of reasons....

  1. The material feels so good!
  2. We knew babies would be wearing these items, and as parents ourselves, we wanted the most soothing material we could find. Scratchy baby clothes are just no fun.
  3. We wanted the colors in the collections to match perfectly. For this we had to find specialty clothing in sizes from baby through adult that would match in both color and material. We also wanted a wide variety of colors. Sure, it's easy to match black or white, but try matching Cobalt or Apple in both an adult t-shirt and a baby bodysuit. We bet you won't find anyone else doing this and we love being able to offer so much selection.
  4. You all are taking pictures in these sets. Lots and lots of pictures. You should look great in those pics and boxy, shapeless shirts aren't as flattering as ours. We like shirts that make us look good, and we know you do too.

Does anything run small/big?

From our experience... The adult short sleeve shirts run true to size; the women's shirts run slightly small; the youth, toddler and baby t-shirts run slightly small (about 1 size small); the baby bodysuits run true to size. Note: the women's shirts have a feminine fit but they are not fitted.