About Us

How do you spend 24 hours a day together??????

Craig & I hear that a lot. We are married which means we live together, we run a business together, we raise three kids together, we even take drives around town with the sunroof open together.

So how do we spend 24 hours a day together? We like each other. A lot. We love what we do. A lot. And we have a warehouse we ride scooters in. We like that a lot too.

We've been in the apparel business for almost 15 years, but We Match! clothing is our newest brainchild. We love wearing matching clothes and realized other people did too. We're having great fun creating the designs and looking at the pictures you all have been sending. We love being part of your announcements, and events, and holidays and births. Thank you for trusting us to be part of that.

Send us your pictures of you and your family wearing our stuff. We'll send you a coupons and freebies. We love seeing your pics and we know other customers do too. Send us your ideas. Who knows, it might just be our newest set and you'll get a shout out on our site as well as a prize. Send us your suggestions too. We want to know what you think. But, please, be nice. No one likes receiving "howlers" (Harry Potter fans will know what I mean) and we are no exception.

Check out our blog. We'll post a new coupon code each week and quantities are limited. Sign up for the newsletter. We'll send out the "deal of the day" through that. 

Thanks for checking out our site. We hope you like what you see.

Craig & Zu